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Dentist Oconomowoc WI | Did You Forget to Pack Something?

Did You Forget to Pack Something

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The year is closing and holidays are on the horizon. Are you planning year-end travel or a last-minute getaway? Before heading out on your next adventure, make sure you are prepared with these 3 quick tips for maintaining optimal dental health during travel.



  1. Properly transport your toothbrush. Instead of throwing your toothbrush into a bag with the rest of your toiletries, use a resealable plastic bag. This can reduce the amount of bacteria that gets passed on to your toothbrush.


      2.   Pack sugarless gum. Gum can help relieve ear pressure during a flight and prevent dry mouth that can occur during travel. Research ...

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Wisconsin, WI Dentist | 3 Simple Ways to Reduce Tooth Decay

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A happy smile is a healthy smile! There are a number of steps you can take to keep your smile healthy by reducing your risk of developing tooth decay. Here are a few suggestions from our team.

Eat a Tooth Friendly Diet

Reduce the amount of sugars and carbohydrates in your diet. Decay-causing bacteria in the mouth feed on these substances.

We suggest you reduce grains, beans, seeds, and nuts in your diet when possible. These foods can lead to demineralization of your teeth and bones due to their acidic content. Consider adding foods high in minerals and vitamins to your diet such as apples, leafy greens, celery, or carrots.

Brush, Floss, Rinse, ...

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53066 Dentist | Gum Disease Linked to Increased Cancer Risk in Older Women

Gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) is a low grade, chronic infection that leads to inflammation of the gum tissue and bone that supports your teeth.  If left untreated, gum disease leads to tooth loss.  Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for adults.  The Center for Disease Control estimates that nearly 50% of American adults have some level of gum disease, and this figure skyrockets to 70% for Americans over the age of 65.  
In addition to causing tooth loss, gum disease has also been linked to other systemic health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and adverse pregnancy complications, just to name a few.
A new ...

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