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Dental Sealants

Did that you know that a whopping 84% of cavities suffered by children occur in the grooves of their teeth? This is understandable – after all, these grooves are often so narrow that a toothbrush can’t even fit into the spaces and remove plaque. Thankfully, a well-placed dental sealant from Lakeland Family Dental here in Oconomowoc, WI can provide a valuable extra layer of protection for young and old smiles alike, and their placement is simple and painless.

The Sealant Placement Process

While children who’ve just had their permanent molars erupt are the most common recipients of dental sealants, adults with unusually deep grooves in the back teeth or who have a higher risk factor for decay may be prime candidates as well. First, we’ll mildly etch your tooth to create room for the sealant. Then, we’ll paint the tough, plastic material over the grooves, and use a high intensity light to quickly harden it in place. The finished product will be virtually invisible, allowing you to enjoy an increased level of protection without worrying about your look.

Dental sealants typically last from 2-4 years, with some staying in place for as many as ten years. Regular check-ups will allow Dr. Ruiz and Dr. Sam to monitor their effectiveness and reapply when necessary.

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