Our Patient Comforts

Advanced services can be important when it comes to choosing a dentist, but they become useless if you feel uncomfortable or unhappy during every appointment and indefinitely put off treatment.

At Lakeland Family Dental, we believe in providing patients of all ages with an environment that’s as comfortable as possible so they can be truly at ease. Our office space will be sure to make you feel right at home, and Dr. Eric Ruiz, Dr. Samantha Ruiz, and the rest of our team are happy to offer amenities and treatment options that can increase your enjoyment.

We can’t wait to give you a new reason to smile here in Oconomowoc, WI!

Pleasing Atmosphere and Amenities

Once you step through the front door of our easy-to-access office, you’ll notice right away that we’ve decorated our space in soothing earth tones of wheat, olive, granite, and natural wood, all of which create a peaceful and elegant ambiance.

Headphones for Your Comfort

Stereo headphones are available for patients who would prefer to lose themselves in the world of their favorite music during their procedure.

Pillows and Heated Blankets

We know that it can get chilly, and we want our patients to experience comfort at all times! So sink back into a soft pillow and curl up with a heated blanket while we provide you with the care you need to stay healthy. Many of our patients become so comfortable that they actually doze off during treatment! 


Have you ever noticed that smells can take you to a whole other place? So many people associate the "traditional" clinical smells of a dental office with discomfort, fear, or anxiety. But who says a dental office has to smell that way? 

We'll treat you to soothing scents that provide pleasant memories and associations so you don't have to experience needless anxiety. Our office focuses on keeping all your senses happy! 

Relax with Nitrous Oxide

Perhaps you know nitrous oxide by its other, more famous name – laughing gas! Nitrous oxide is often the ideal solution for patients who suffer from mild to moderate dental anxiety.

We’ll administer the gas through a mask that fits comfortably over your nose. Within minutes, you'll begin to feel more relaxed and content as we work on improving the health and beauty of your smile. Best of all, the effects of nitrous oxide wear off very quickly after the mask is removed, meaning that there’s no downtime required after your procedure. You can run errands, go back to work, and even drive yourself home with no problems!

Are you ready to experience dental care that combines excellence and experience with enjoyable comfort? Don’t hesitate to contact Lakeland Family Dental today if you have any questions or you’re ready to schedule your first appointment.