KöR Teeth Whitening


Your smile is one of the first things people notice when you meet. If your teeth are stained, dull, or discolored, teeth whitening might be a great option for you!

Stained teeth have many causes. It can be inherited, the result of antibiotic use, or simply from what we consume every day.  As we age, our teeth darken as well.

For staining that responds to whitening treatments, we offer a simple and effective way to brighten smiles and improve confidence - KoR whitening, the most scientifically advanced professional whitening system available.  Both Dr. Eric Ruiz and Dr. Samantha Ruiz are KoR Whitening Premier Providers, and can help enhance your smile today!


How Does KoR Work?

Traditional whitening gels are susceptible to breaking down when in contact with saliva, which can reduce effectiveness. KoR whitening trays are specifically created by the professionals at the KoR lab to prevent this type of leakage.  Instead of goopy, messy, and uncomfortable impressions, we utilize our state-of-the-art Medit i500 digital scanner to create a scan of your teeth.  Our digital scans allow for a perfect fit for your KoR whitening trays. Better-fitting trays seal out fluids to provide 6 to 10 hours of whitening activity.

In addition, KoR whitening gels can be used by people with sensitive teeth. The gel is continuously refrigerated to reduce the amount of preservatives needed. This leads to reduced irritation after whitening and higher potency gels for a brighter smile. KoR also includes a desensitizer to use while whitening.


KoR offers four convenient plans for home use to achieve a brighter smile: KoR Home, KoR Max, KoR Ultra, and KoR Ultra-T.

KoR Home: A patient-pleasing at-home whitening system that consistently yields amazing results at a great price. The KöR Home Whitening System is available for nighttime whitening as well as daytime whitening.

KoR Max: Our best-selling system, KöR MAX is a versatile and super-effective whitening system that combines at-home whitening with a single in-office whitening visit. This option provides the very best possible whitening result for the typical patient.

KoR Ultra: The KöR ULTRA Whitening System delivers astonishing whitening results on stubborn cases such as fluorosis and dark geriatric staining.

KoR Ultra-T: The KöR ULTRA-T Whitening System is specifically developed to deliver truly exceptional results on cases of tetracycline staining that were once thought to be untreatable.

Your teeth and gums must be healthy enough for whitening. Before recommending whitening, we will carefully evaluate your smile and oral health. Contact Lakeland Family Dental for more information or to schedule a KoR whitening consultation with Dr. Eric Ruiz or Dr. Samantha Ruiz today.