Root Canals & Extractions

With excellent preventive care, we can keep most dental problems to a minimum. But the fact is that even the very best care can’t prevent every single problem out there. Your teeth could still encounter cracks, deep cavities, and infections. If this happens, you want to know that they will be taken care of.  When turning to our Oconomowoc practice for help, you won’t have to worry about unfair judgment – instead, Dr. Eric Ruiz, Dr. Samantha Ruiz, and the rest of our dedicated team will provide you with the empathy and support you need during this difficult time.


Root Canals

We know that nobody in the history of dentistry has ever been excited to hear that they need a root canal. We do want you to know, however, that root canals are not nearly as bad as you have imagined. Modern techniques and instruments allow us to perform far more comfortable root canals with greater levels of predictability and success.

If you are in pain or your tooth has become infected, you might think that extraction is your only option. The truth, however, is that root canal therapy can actually restore the health of the affected tooth, relieve your pain, and help you maintain a complete and natural smile.

During the procedure, Dr. Ruiz or Dr. Sam will carefully access the inner chamber of the tooth and thoroughly clean out diseased pulp and bacteria before sealing it shut to prevent further infection. Finally, we’ll design a high-quality dental crown to sit on top of the treated tooth, restoring its complete structure.

With proper care including diligent oral hygiene and regular check-ups, teeth that have been treated with root canal therapy can often last a lifetime! 

Many root canals can be performed right here in our office. Our patients’ comfort and safety is always our top concern, however, so if your root canal is particularly complex, we may refer you to a root canal specialist.



Occasionally, there are reasons why a tooth needs to be extracted. These reasons might include severe decay or other structural damage, overcrowding, or a threat to the well-being of your other teeth. Here at Lakeland Family Dental, we know that this procedure isn’t exactly fun, which is why we always offer kindness, compassion, and several patient comfort measures that can help you relax.

Once we’ve removed the tooth, we’ll be happy to discuss replacement options as soon as possible so you can get back to enjoying the full, beautiful smile you deserve.

We can perform most extractions right here in our office. If you have a complex or surgical extraction, however, we may refer you to an oral surgeon as your comfort and safety are always our top priority.


Call for Your Next Check-Up

Is it time for a check-up? Even if it’s been a while, don’t worry! You won’t find judgment at Lakeland Family Dental. We’re just glad you’re here, and we’ll help you meet your goals for your smile!