Periodontal (Gum) Disease Treatment

Today, nearly three out of four Americans suffer from some form of periodontal disease (also known as gum disease). Unfortunately, many of those people don't even know that they have it. 

While this common condition may not even cause symptoms at first, it can quickly become dangerous if left untreated for too long, leading to inflammation, jawbone deterioration, and even tooth loss. Studies have even shown that it may be connected to serious health problems like heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Here at Lakeland Family Dental, we’re dedicated to keeping our patients safe and healthy, which is why we make effectively treating periodontal disease at the earliest possible stages a priority.

With the help of regular check-ups and available therapy options, Dr. Eric Ruiz and Dr. Samantha Ruiz can ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy happy, healthy smiles for years to come.

How Do I Know if I Have Periodontal Disease?

Quite simply, in the early or moderate stages of periodontal disease, most patients don't have any symptoms they take notice of.  In more a severe stage of the disease,

Common symptoms include:

  • Red or tender gums
  • Bleeding during brushing and flossing
  • Loose (or mobile) teeth
  • Changes in the way your teeth come together
  • Bad breath that doesn't resolve with improved oral hygiene or the addition of mouthwash
  • Teeth that appear longer than they used to (a sign of receding gums)

However, it’s important to remember that in many cases, easily noticeable symptoms may not show up until the disease has progressed. That’s why attending regular check-ups with Dr. Ruiz, Dr. Sam, and the rest of our team is so important.  Check out the video below for a better visualization of what can happen with gum disease.


Personalized Treatment Options

Gum disease is a progressive condition, and we'll recommend the treatment option that is right for your level of disease.  Just like many other health problems, gum disease is best treated and has the best prognosis if caught in the earliest stages! 

While our team will try to prevent periodontal disease with the help of preventive therapies, we are prepared to provide non-surgical therapy if necessary. Our highly skilled hygienists are major team players and are meticulous and diligent when it comes to treating gum disease.  

Regular use of anti-bacterial oral rinses can help preserve the revitalizing effects of these treatments.

Call to Schedule Your Next Cleaning

Cleanings are both prevention and treatment when it comes to gum disease! Our skilled hygienists will carefully remove plaque and tartar build-up to avoid the irritation that sets gum disease in motion and let you know if more assertive treatment is necessary. 

Please contact Lakeland Family Dental today if you have any questions or you’d like to schedule an appointment for you or a loved one. Gum disease is the number one cause of lost teeth in American adults, and we want to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime!