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Dentist in Oconomowoc, WI | Dental Benefits – it’s “use them or lose them” time!

November 4, 2017
Posted By: Lakeland Family Dental
Dental benefits - it's

     The Holiday Season is nearly upon us!  With 2018 fast approaching, we are entering the “use it or lose it” time of the year for your dental benefits.  For most dental insurance plans, your yearly benefit dollars renew on January 1st.  However, your unused benefit dollars do not roll over to the new year, and many times hundreds of dollars are simply lost because they aren’t utilized.

     If you have dental treatment you’ve put on hold, now would be a great time to schedule and maximize your yearly benefits.  Our Holiday Season does book quickly, so call us today at (262)567-1323 to schedule your appointment at Lakeland Family Dental!

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