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Are x-rays safe?

At Lakeland Family Dental, we put patient safety first and we get a lot of questions about the safety of x-rays because they emit a smaller amount of radiation. We use digital dental x-rays in our Oconomowoc dental office because they are more accurate, safer, and emit up to 80 percent less radiation than traditional film x-rays. We still use protective equipment such as lead aprons and thyroid cuffs to make them even safer!

With the minimal amount of radiation that digital dental x-rays emit, they are ultra-safe. You actually have more exposure from being outside on a sunny day.

We cannot always visually detect oral health conditions because your teeth are covered in protective enamel. This is when digital dental x-rays become an important part of your diagnostic dental care. By using x-rays, we can detect decay when it is smaller, easier to treat, and more affordable to resolve.

Digital x-rays can be manipulated – zooming in, adjusting exposure and contrast, and even changing the color, making it possible for Dr. Eric and Dr. Sam to make an even earlier diagnosis, which protects your smile!

Your health comes first and we are here to answer any questions or address any concerns about your dentistry. Just let us know and we can discuss anything on your mind.

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