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What if I'm nervous about dental treatment?

That's okay! Many people are worried or anxious about dental care. Unfortunately, popular media feeds into these fears and tends to present dentists as scary or mean, perpetuating this cycle of fear.

We want you to know that nothing is further from the truth! We care deeply about your comfort, and we take all kinds of extra steps to make sure that your visit with us is relaxing and stress-free. 

Some of the amenities we include in our services are: 

  • Nitrous oxide – This safe and reliable sedative will help calm your mind and reduce the sensations of the dental office. The effects dissipate so quickly that you'll even be able to drive yourself home and resume your normal level of activity. 
  • Stereo headphones and music – Headphones help drown out the sounds of the office, which some people can find distressing. By replacing those sounds with your favorite music, your appointment will seem to fly by!
  • Pillows and heated blankets – Everyone has different levels of comfort and personal temperatures. We don't want you to feel chilly, so we'll help you get snuggled up in one of our comfortable blankets. Pillows will gently cradle your head while we take care of your treatment. 
  • Essential oil aromatherapy – Who says a dental office has to have a "medical" smell? We'd prefer to work in an environment that smells like a soothing spa, and we know it's much more comfortable and inviting for our patients as well! 
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