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What safety standards do you implement in your practice?

We take safety and cleanliness very seriously at our practice because they directly impact your well-being. Our team prides itself on maintaining a clean office so you can enjoy high-quality dental care in a safe environment.

We not only meet but exceed stringent OSHA and CDC sterilization standards. That means that every instrument and diagnostic tool you come in contact with in our office is sufficiently sanitized to protect your health. Keeping you and your family safe is our primary concern in every treatment we deliver. You'll notice our commitment to safety and cleanliness from the moment you walk through our front door! 

If you have specific questions about our safety protocols, please don't hesitate to ask. We're happy to walk you through the steps we take to ensure your safety. We also believe that a clean environment doesn't have to be cold and uninviting. Even though we take great care to ensure cleanliness, we also offer a range of comforts to help ensure that your visit with us is comfortable every time. We're happy to take the extra steps to clean blankets, pillows, and noise-cancelling headphones because we recognize the enormous difference they make in our patients' comfort! 


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